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Welcome to your and our internet site

Homeland Society Patrija Jelovac Prijedor works primarily to connect people born in Jelovac and those who are in any way connected with Jelovac to preserve all the positive values of our area from oblivion, to nurture a culture of remembrance, networking with all of you around the world, as well as supporting social activities of common good for the residents of Jelovac.

Churches in the Neighborhood

  • Church of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jelovac Donji
  • Church of Our Holy Mother Paraskeva in Mlječanica
  • Church of the Protecting Veil of the Most Holy Mother of God Knežica

Service Activities

  • Ribnjak - restaurant Zavišić on the Jelovačka River
  • Ribnjak - restaurant Radukić on the Mlječanica River
  • Car Seller Asha Auto on the Road М-15

Postal address

Homeland Society Patrija Jelovac Prijedor
Gornji Jelovac - Put partizanskog proboja bb
79246 Knežica
Republika Srpska / Bosnia-Herzegovina



Bank account

Beneficiary: Zavičajno društvo Patrija Jelovac Prijedor
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank, Majora Milana Tepića bb, 79000 Prijedor
Account number: 161-000-02620900-34
IBAN: BA391611000004039332